iQx helps deliver first well in Graben-Neudorf geothermal plant

A significant advancement for our client, Deutsche Erdwärme, as they have recently recorded a temperature exceeding 200°C from the geothermal water in their Graben-Neudorf geothermal plant project borehole. 

Recently, the first testing near Karlsruhe, Germany, reached its completion and the outcomes of the drilling surpassed expectations. Consequently, the Graben-Neudorf-1 borehole now holds the distinction of being the highest-temperature borehole at the depth of 4,000 meters, at least in Germany. 

iQx suite of well delivery solutions was used for successful completion of the first well in Graben-Neudorf geothermal plant.


One of the immediate benefits of recording and analyzing experiences in iQx Ex is the ability to identify what went well and what could have been improved during the drilling process. This self-assessment allows Deutsche Erdwaerme to fine-tune their procedures, equipment, and ultimately enhance their capabilities for next drilling in the project.

Another crucial aspect is measuring performance against initial estimates. The actual time and cost data collected in iQx CT can be compared to the original projections modelled in iQx P1 probabilistic time and cost application, enabling the Deutsche Erdwaerme drilling team to gauge the accuracy of their predictions. This performance evaluation is vital not only for internal purposes but also for keeping stakeholders informed about the project's progress.

Furthermore, the data gathered is valuable for refining time and cost estimates for future wells and ensures that resources are allocated optimally. 

iQx helps deliver first well in Graben-Neudorf geothermal plant

All data gathered during drilling and testing so far in Graben-Neudorf facility will undergo analysis.

Deutsche Erdwaerme relies on iQx to improve planning, conduct performance measurement and enhance budget estimation accuracy. Graben-Neudorf geothermal heat and power facility will set the stage for a greener and more sustainable energy future of the region. 



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