We do not develop only software. Combining our skills from well engineering and digital tools, we can help you extract the maximum of iQˣ™ applications.

The Software Implementation Team supports in building models for P1™ or guides you through CT™ to then develop reports in D2™.
Here are examples of some of the engineering studies our team offers:
  • Setting up initial P1™ event models and/or cost templates
  • Importing historic wells into the Offset Analysis (OA™) application
  • Importing historic lessons learned into the EX™ application
  • Setting up templates in D2™ so that the reports generated fit company and regulatory formats


As part of AGR, the leading global energy consultancy, we help the E&P companies to digitise their well delivery process with immediate results. Harnessing three decades of well operations experience, we focus on streamlining collaborative project delivery and empower decision making around the fundamental considerations of any project – time, cost and risk.

We understand that no system covers everything. The key to creating value is to use the best solutions available and connect them to other sources. This is why we’ve developed iQˣ™ so that it can be integrated to other industry leading data applications.​