Presenting at the PACE - Plugging & Abandonment Collaborative Environment forum

Yesterday we presented at the PACE - Plugging & Abandonment Collaborative Environment forum which promotes #collaboration within #decommissioning and gathers industry leaders aiming to be in the forefront of innovative P&A technology.

As the industry increases its focus on achieving #lowcarbon goals, our #P1™ application helps the drillers easily implement their #exploration #wellplanning and #wellengineering expertise into executing successful well decomissioning campaigns.

When planning for well decommissioning, P1™ enables:

  • detailed structure of events with relevant costing
  • featured break down of time and cost estimates
  • simulation of data to reach most optimum solution considering all risks, costs and efficiency.

As a result, the #welldelivery teams are provided with increased liability of key influencer factors for execution decisions.

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