Rig scheduling software helps Aker BP achieve low cost, low carbon goals

Prior to implementing iQx RIG scheduling software, rig scheduling at Aker BP was handled in spreadsheets with communication through emails. Managing and distributing schedules was challenging due to the volume of information, making updates, organization, and efficient distribution difficult. Scenario planning was nearly impossible.

As energy companies embrace digital solutions to unlock smarter and more economical ways of managing their operations, Norwegian company Aker BP is at the forefront of the digitalization era.

Aker BP is a pioneer, implementing game-changing software across the organization to deliver significant value and accomplish their low-cost, low-carbon strategy.

Today, the Drilling & Wells team of Aker BP not only enjoy saved time but the application also fosters collaboration and a data-driven decision-making approach.

The iQx™ RIG offers functionality for analyzing future rig needs, which has played a significant role in Aker BP securing long-term contracts for 5 of the best rigs in the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS). These contracts are intended for future field development, exploration, plug and abandonment (P&A), and infill wells.

Aker BP also reduces costs by planning area- or well-type campaigns, thereby minimizing the environmental footprint and cost associated with rig move days. Through the establishment of continuous rig lines, with options to address discoveries and challenges, a learning curve has been experienced, contributing to Aker BP's excellent performance.

According to Manager of Drilling and Wells Performance at Aker BP, "iQx™ RIG makes a significant difference in the way we manage our rig and intervention portfolio."

Rig scheduling software helps Aker BP achieve low cost, low carbon goals

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