iQx™ offers in-depth well data clarity in Sasol’s remote drilling operations in Mozambique

iQˣ™ software plays key role in eliminating cost and time uncertainty 

The global energy and chemicals group, Sasol, is a long term user of AGR Software’s drilling software, iQˣ™. More specifically, Sasol’s drilling department is using our P1 and CT on their remote drilling projects in Southern Mozambique. The time and cost planning (P1) and tracking (CT) applications are helping Sasol to discover and seize new efficiencies in their well delivery and make faster, smarter and more collaborative decisions based on well data processed in suite of iQˣ™ applications. 

Sasol chose iQˣ™ two applications to support key functions when pursuing their operational activities in Mozambique:

P1™ – a probabilistic time and cost estimation tool that rigorously assesses potential operational time, cost and potential risks based on thousands of iterations.

CT™ – an actual time and cost tracker that offers clarity over project expenditure, replacing traditional spreadsheets with one secure, simple, easily shared and accessible platform. 


iQx™ offers in-depth well data clarity in Sasol’s remote drilling operations in Mozambique

iQˣ™ central to estimating and tracking cost and time 

Since implementing iQx™ as a standard well engineering tool at Sasol’s drilling department, the Operator has enjoyed significantly improved time, cost and risk modelling in challenging operational conditions.

Sasol’s Mozambique Well Engineering Manager found iQx™ P1 and CT applications were important when estimating and tracking actual field estimated well cost and time, describing them as “intuitive” for their ability to provide probabilistic and deterministic estimates. 

Wider AGR expertise delivers additional value 

The wider engineering support by our team was also seen as a key reason for Sasol choosing to work with AGR Software. Our client’s Well Engineering Manager was appreciative of the continuous improvement of these applications, along with the training and overall support delivered by our experts. 

“While the projects are ongoing, we are delighted with the positive impact that iQx™ P1 and CT have delivered and will continue to achieve in this challenging drilling campaign”, said Sasol’s Well Engineering Manager.



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