Collaborative drilling engineering software development

Sharing a great learning experience of collaborative drilling engineering software development. In response to the demand of a global Oil and Gas Operator, who was already using our tools, we embarked on a mission to create a cutting-edge solution that would not only address their Drilling & Wells software needs but also seamlessly integrate the application into their existing IT ecosystem.


The result? This is the story of how iQx PLANS was built - next-generation time and cost estimator that redefines time and cost planning in well operations. But that's not all - PLANS is also designed to be adaptable across various domains for probabilistic time and cost planning.


🎉 This collaborative development project has been a remarkable learning experience for our talented team. It has allowed them to push the boundaries of software development, fostering creativity and skill acquisition along the way.

🤝 And the best part? Our user was thrilled with the outcome!


We're proud of what we've achieved with PLANS software and we can't wait to present the collaboration success story during the upcoming European Drilling Engineering Association conference in Stavanger today and tomorrow.