New features in PLANS

The realse of PLANS from February 5, 2024 includes among others:


  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.
  • Improved search function in workspace member lists.
  • Information about workspaces visualized on the right pane of the iQx "dashboard" / landing page.
  • Added an "Open a workspace" button (blue icon to the right of the workspace, next the "Workspace Settings" icon). 
  • Added an option to have local predefined variables inside a specific folder and valid only within that folder (for example one specific well). Global variables can still be stored at the top. (Beta).
  • Duplication of workspaces (right-click onto the desired workspace in the list, choose "Duplicate"; PLANS will add "Copy" at the end of the workspace name).
  • "Delete a workspce" icon can now be accessed by right-clicking on the workspace in the list.
  • Allowed simulation from the root folder of the workspace to simulate the full workspace at once.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our Support team.