PLANS improves output stats in drilling time-cost table

We have released new functionalities in our next generation well time and cost management application iQx™ PLANS™.


  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • P1™ compatibility

Changed Classic P1™ settings set structure converting to PLANS

Added a Campaign level at the top

Allowed simulation of multiple P1 models in one PLANS workspace as a campaign

  • Workspace user management

Added an option to assign roles for multiple users of the workspace

  • Workspace tree

Enabled local Cost and Risk folders for any group of time elements. Ex.: If the time-tree structure is Campaign-Well-Phase-Event, each Well can have its own Risk and Cost subfolders;

Added a warning in case of deleting Costs or Risks that were already allocated to a time element

  • Table view

Enabled changing probability of the event duration in table view

Added Description column to the table view

Added thousands separator for distribution inputs

Improved predefined variables select search

  • Output

Improvements in output Stats Time/Cost table.

PLANS improves output stats in drilling time-cost table

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