Drilling planning software for all well activities

Having drilled wells through three decades, we understand the complexity behind the well time and cost management and rig scheduling. Learning from previous lessons and storing best practices centrally has proven to play a key role in repeating projects' completion success. Drilling planning software iQx offers support for all well activities.

We built iQx to help the drilling engineers carry on with their high value engineering tasks, while having schedules and experiences under firm control.


Our applications offer comprehensive understanding of all operational risks and provide the most optimum reflection of drilling budgets. While operational, iQx tracks time and cost with forecasting functionality to guarantee the actual costing doesn’t overrun sanctioned budgets.

While monitoring cost, the project teams record lessons learned which are searchable by area, rig, well type and other technical parametres. RIG application digitises workflows of rig schedules helping the users to achieve low cost low emissions ambitions.


Join the iQx user network spanning six continents and enjoy the engineering.